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How to Generate Business Ideas


A blog with content that may eventually be transformed into a book or e-book/information product package.

Architecting Usability

2011 - 2013

A blog on software usability and User Experience design. The content eventually served as the basis for the Designing Usable Apps book.

Design Intention Driven Programming

2010 - 2011

Design Intention Driven Programming is a novel software development approach I've proposed that aims to reduce software maintenance costs.

The Atrevida Game Programming Tutorials

1996 - 1998

Game programming tutorials for C/C++ and Assembler under MS-DOS (obviously a bit out-of-date today). This became a book-length treatment of systems programming and VGA graphics programming fundamentals, with a complete introduction to 80x86 assembly language.

(Web design is from the 90's era and is not representative of my current web design skills.)