How Should I Vote?


How Should I Vote? is a quiz to help voters decide how to vote in the 2015 Canadian federal election. It is a slightly tongue-in-cheek, and mildly controversial, political statement designed to provoke thought about the structure of our democratic system and to remind Canadians about important issues neglected in the debates between the mainstream candidates.

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How to Generate Business Ideas landing page


A landing page serving as a Minimum Viable Product for the purpose of testing market demand for a proposed book project. (Book does not exist yet.)

Technologies: HTML/CSS

Personal homepage

2014 - 2015

This site.

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2013 is no longer actively hosted.

A Google Maps mashup hacked together during a Startup Weekend event. The name "Mood2Food" and the logo were contributed by other team members.

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Designing Usable Apps marketing site


Sales and marketing page for the Designing Usable Apps book.

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Marketing, download, sales, and marketing site for the ChapterLab app.

Includes a series of training videos.

Order processing integrates with PayPal, sends sales receipt and license key e-mails, and records sales transactions in a database.

Technologies: HTML/CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, PayPal API, Camtasia Mac (screen recordings)

Architecting Usability

2011 - 2012

Banner design and minor template customizations for WordPress blog.

Winchelsea Systems Ltd. homepage

2011 - 2012

Corporate site. Looks dated and is need of a refresh.