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Roarcore .MOD Player (Launch via Java Web Start)

If you have Java Web Start installed on your computer, click the icon below to launch the Roarcore .MOD Player. (If Java is not installed on your machine, download it from The Java Browser Plug-in and Java Web Start are automatically included.)

Launch via Java Web Start

Under Mozilla and Firefox browsers, you may be prompted to save the .JNLP file or open it with the default application. Select "Open with default application".

With all browsers: a Java security dialog box will appear, and despite the strong warning, you will need to click "Yes" to grant the applet permission to run. This version of the player permits you to load .MOD files from your local system, which is considered by Java to be a security risk. The Roarcore .MOD Player does not modify any files on your local system, however, and does not report any information or send any files to this site.

Where's the music?

When the application starts, the playlist will be empty. You can download a demonstration playlist file here, and the Roarcore Player will download the files automatically from this site as they are needed. (If your browser opens the playlist as a text file, please save it to your hard drive). You can then load the playlist in the Roarcore Player using the "Open Playlist" option under the File menu.

Alternatively, you can download .MOD files to your computer and open them using either the "Add Song" button or the "Load All Songs from Directory" option under the File menu. For sample songs, you can start with the .MOD Music Sample Pack 1 [764 k Zip file] and the .MOD Music Sample Pack 2 [722 k Zip file].

If the application fails to start:

  • If you receive the Java Web Start error message "Roarcore Player cannot be started" (or "Resource cannot be loaded"), you may need to reconfigure the proxy settings for Java Web Start. Start the Java Web Start control panel (under Windows: Start menu -> Programs -> Java Web Start -> Java Web Start), and under "File" | "Settings...", under the "General" tab, select "Use browser" or "Use browser (direct connection)". Click "OK" and try to run the application again.
  • Possibly, try another browser, such as Mozilla or Firefox instead of Internet Explorer.
  • If you are using a Windows computer, try downloading the Windows Executable version instead.

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