Roarcore real-time digital audiosystems

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Download the Roarcore .MOD Player (Windows Executable)

Download the Windows Executable version of the Roarcore Player from the link below. The program is compatible with Windows 98, NT, Me, 2000, and XP.

Download Windows Executable (237k Zip file)

Once the download is complete, double-click on the Zip file and unpack the archive into a directory convenient for you (for example, C:\Program Files\RoarcorePlayer\). At present, for the Beta version of this program, no installer is provided, as the program consists of a single .EXE file. (However, you can make a convenient shortcut icon for the program by right-clicking on the .EXE file and selecting "Create Shortcut". You can then drag this icon to your desktop or into the Start -> Programs menu.)

Although this program is distributed as a Windows .EXE, the Java 2 Runtime Environment is still required on your machine. When you start the .EXE, if Java cannot be found, the program will direct you to the download site. (You can also download Java directly from

Where's the music?

When the application starts, the playlist will be empty. A playlist file, standard_demo_playlist_1.playlist, is included in the Zip archive (or you can download it again here), and you can load this playlist in the Roarcore Player using the "Open Playlist" option under the File menu (you may need to navigate to the directory where you unpacked the Zip file). With this playlist file, the Roarcore Player will download music files automatically from this site as they are needed.

Alternatively, you can download .MOD files to your computer and open them using either the "Add Song" button or the "Load All Songs from Directory" option under the File menu. For sample songs, you can start with the .MOD Music Sample Pack 1 [764 k Zip file] and the .MOD Music Sample Pack 2 [722 k Zip file].

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