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Known Issues (Bugs)

Bug 0001: Pauses during playback

The audio playback from the Roarcore Web Applet (from within a web browser) is frequently interrupted by pauses and skips lasting between 1 and approximately 4 seconds, which is extremely detrimental to the enjoyment of music. This behavior is caused by the automatic garbage collection performed by the Java Virtual Machine. It is affected by the amount of memory available to the JVM and possibly by the prioritization of its processes/threads by the operating system.

I am aware that the garbage collection parameters can be adjusted with command-line arguments, but expecting average Internet users to enter such strings into the Java Plug-in Control Panel is simply asking too much, especially just so that music can be played in a web page.

The playback code has already been optimized to minimize the number of allocations in the main playback loop (under almost all circumstances, zero new objects are created).

The playback using the standalone Roarcore Player application unter Windows XP with an average one-year-old entry-level PC exhibits this characteristic only rarely. With playback at 44000 Hz and average system load (several applications running) skips are rare, and with playback at 22000 Hz I have yet to encounter any skipping/pausing behavior.

Resolution of this bug will be difficult and may be technically impossible.

Bug 0002: Starting new song within 3-4 seconds of start of previous song causes cascading through playlist

Under all variations of the Roarcore Player (Standalone application, version 1.0, and Web Applet, version 1.0), the following behavior occurs:

If a song begins playback, and the user starts playback of a new song within approx. 1 to 4 seconds after the start of the playback of the first song, the playback can be interrupted, and the player will start "cascading" through the playlist, starting each song for several seconds before skipping to the next song.

This can also occur if a song is stopped and a new song is started within several seconds. It is not always reproducible, however.

This is a known failure in the current implementation. It is a threading issue, and it will be resolved in the next release.

Bug 0003: Invalid file format does not display error message

If a file not matching the expected file format exists in the playlist, and if playback of this file is attempted, then the playback stops and the next song in the playlist is not automatically started. There is no error message to indicate the condition. The user can always start playback of a new song in the playlist, however.

Report a new bug

I welcome reports of new bugs. Please contact me by e-mail.

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