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About Roarcore

Roarcore audio technology brings you precise digital playback and is designed to run on multiple platforms, so you can enjoy your music wherever you are.

Our vision involves new kinds of music composition tools and collaborative Internet-based applications that will create new opportunities for creating, enjoying, understanding, and (legally) sharing music.

Roarcore .MOD Player BETA

We're pleased to announce the first publically available Beta release of the Roarcore .MOD Player, capable of playing virtually all four-channel Protracker music files. As it is based on the universal Java platform, you can now enjoy your favorite classic electronic music on any modern computer. The Web Applet client lets you add music to your web pages easily, and it's supported in any browser with an up-to-date Java 1.4 Plug-in.

To try out the Roarcore .MOD Player, select one of the options below:

Download for Microsoft Windows

Launch with Java Web Start

Launch in your browser


Embedded Applet

All options require that the Java 2 Runtime Environment (1.4 or higher) be installed on your computer. You can download it from The Java Browser Plug-in and Java Web Start are automatically included.

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