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For Developers

Web page authors

The Roarcore Web Applet is still in a BETA testing phase. There are still significant issues outstanding -- most notably the intermittent pauses during playback due to Java's garbage collection -- which I would like to further investigate and correct before issuing a final release.

If you would like to include the Roarcore Web Applet in your web page, I ask that you first contact me so that I can provide you with the latest stable release, the installation and setup instructions, and information on the correct HTML code and parameters to use.

Java developers

Plans are in the works for a release of the core RoarcoreSystem as an API that can be included in your Java programs and applets, so that you can play multi-channel tracked music in the background using only a handful of method calls. Full API documentation and examples will be made available as part of the release.

There is no fixed deadline for this release, but I am hoping to have it complete in the next few months. If you are interested, please contact me.

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